Romance Angel Oracle

This card makes me think of the recent dream I had. The back of the card especially. In my dream I was in my apartment and I needed a box. I went out side to find one and there was a man waiting for me and he offered me all of these boxes to choose from.

From there I was in this room filled with glass candles and the candles were almost the same color as these cards. In the beginning of the dream the sky was purple and the stars were bright and twinkling just like the back of the deck. A small child looked into one of the candles and the flame went crazy. That’s when the little boy started to relay messages to me from my mother. My mother died shortly after my daughter was born. In the dream her voice could be heard from the candle, and she told me that while she doesn’t always speak to me ,she see’s me, and watches me.

I’ve been thinking about love a lot lately and the kind of partner I want. My mother has been on my mind quite a bit as well. She was a young wife/mother and very much a child herself when she had me and my sister. I think in her own way she visited me in my dream seeking forgiveness ❤