Alchemy 1977 England Tarot

Here we have a pretty difficult situation. This is an extremely emotional reading with a strong emphasis on the element of water. This is a reading for a Cancer woman, and while her boyfriend isn’t a water sign, his Moon is in Scorpio. There’s a tremendous amount of emotional manipulation coming from his end and co-dependency from her end.

The main issue is the boyfriends constant infidelity (3 of Cups reversed) Miss Cancer has pretty much confirmed this and it’s not just one woman–we’re talking multiple women. He’s like a tom cat and she’s reached her breaking point. The King of Cups reversed can indicate an overly emotional or emotionally immature partner who despite his double dealing won’t let go of the relationship. There’s a strong indication of using emotional black mail to control Miss Cancer and depriving her of the love she needs when he feels she’s out of line and calls him on his bullshit. The party/Celebration is definitely over.

There’s also an uneven distribution of power (6 of Pentacles) in this relationship as well and not just financially (He has a high paying career) someone is constantly giving and the other is constantly taking. Will Miss Cancer kick his ass to the curb and he comes back grovelling and begging? Orwill she cave and beg him to stay? (6 of Pentacles) only time will tell.

One thing I do know is the Hanged Man is telling Miss Cancer to just let go.Letting go is often difficult for water signs and getting a Cancer to move on can be like removing gum from your hair–it’s no easy task. This card can also indicate someone in limbo; waiting for their next move. I think of someone who’s literally been hung out to dry. Being a martyr is no fun. The Hanged Man is also sacrifice and this relationship needs to be put on the chopping block.