I was beyond thrilled when I received my new oracle deck yesterday. I first spotted these cards on youtube when they were being used by Intuitive tarot for unique souls. The deck contains 54 beautiful cards filled with gentle inspiring messages. The inspirational affirmations are actually printed on the back of each card and because of this there is no instructional booklet that comes with the set. The deck is published by Blue Angel Gallery and features the artwork of Toni Carmine Salerno. Vibrant, soothing, and rich in color, I connected with these cards almost immediatly. I incorporate oracle cards with my astrological readings and this deck is the perfect addition when it comes to subjects that deal with healing

The only issue I have with these cards are the borders. I’m not a big fan of cards with borders and as I admired the deck, I imagined how even more gorgeous the cards would have been with the omission of the bordered edges. Other than that, the deck is extremely beautiful and well crafted. The sturdy card stock is a bonus as well.