Ask Astro Star Kards | Libra/Pluto + 4th/11th

I asked about my focus for this weekend. I was actually born with Pluto in Libra (In the 12th) so I think this has a lot to do with relationships and how I interact with others/groups. The 11th house is a group house and while I tend to be someone who prides myself on individuality and being separate from the group (Uranus conjunct my ascendant) there may be some kind of transformational experience through dealing with friends and associates. Its also the house of goals and wishes. The Pluto/11th house reveals a lot.

I’m not interested in superficial friendships at this stage in my life. I’m moving beyond a lot of things and I would prefer to have people who are on the same path to be in my inner circle. Most of my relationships have been deep and long-lasting. Chiron is Pisces is on my Sun and my focus right now is healing.

The 4th house is our physical home as well as our mother and ancestry. I always think of turning inward with the 4th house. I have a lot of decisions I need to make.