The Crystal OracleChrysoprase

Last night I had a dream someone handed me this baby. The dream was very much a blur but I remember the baby being so small and calm. Chrysoprase is actually linked to fertility. I always pull an oracle/tarot card after my dreams. This makes me think of the 5th house in astrology. It’s a house associated with children (among other things) and creativity. I have my SunMercuryVenus(all in Pisces) as well as the asteroids: Pandora, Iris, Irene, Amor, Pholus, and Asclepius. It would be an understatement to say I have a lot of Pisces energy in my chart.

We give birth all the time; and not just to tiny humans. We give birth to ideas, creative projects (the 5th house is a creative house) and to some degree,ourselves. 

I’m entering a fertile period in my life; I feel now is the time for me to manifest and create. I deserve success and I have to believe this. I often feel guilty and selfish when I say things like this. As intuitive as I am, I don’t always trust my intuition. I promised myself that 2016 would be about my own personal truth, uplifting myself, and opening my heart center.