Scorpio New Moon Reading | The Psychic Tarot Oracle & The Archangel Oracle

*This is a post I wrote for my followers on Tumblr.

I decided to do a brief reading for you, my followers. I asked my decks what should be the focus for you guys during this New Moon and what messages are being sent your way. It seems that there definitely needs to be some time taken to sit back and take stock of what’s going on in the areas of your life that aren’t functioning properly; This is going to take some patience, but it can certainly be done.

Scorpio’s ruler, Pluto/Hades, is the cosmic demolition man. By any means necessary he will obliterate any and everything that stand in the way of your personal growth. This is imperative for both emotional and psychological healing. Now is the time to take inventory of what’s holding you back in order to get the healing process moving. This leads us to spiritual strength. While Scorpio energy isn’t always associated with spirituality/mysticism (Pisces/Neptune is often attached to these ideals) Scorpio is the process of life, death and re-birth. No one rises from the ashes of the singed ego like Scorpio can. Creation often emerges from destruction; this New Moon is the perfect catalyst for the emerging new you.