Earth Magic Oracle: Stone People (Vigilance) & Lotus Flower (Unfoldment)

I decided to pull some cards and asked about Jupiter Rx and how it would impact me. Jupiter is currently transiting my 11th house of hopes/dreams/wishes/friends. I’ve been taking stock and reviewing what my goals are in life and how I want to go about obtaining those goals. Transiting Jupiter opposes my Pisces Sun/Mercury in the 5th and I’ve been more concerned with pleasure than being focused at the moment. 2015 was a rough year for me and in my mind I deserve a break. Yet my avoidance of dealing with the realities of life my get me in trouble if I don’t start to focus a bit more.

The first card I pulled was, Vigilance. I need to be on the lookout and a be a bit more aware of whats going on in my life. Escapism and flights of fancy (Jupiter) aren’t going to cut it. It’s wonderful to dream (and I dream big) but if my dreaming is distracting me from other aspects of life I need to scale back a bit and this makes me feel a bid down. Jupiter Rx can create these kinds of feelings. Like a big balloon, Jupiter Rx feels like a pin that’s letting all of the air out. It’s necessary, though.

The Next card is, Unfoldment. Being forced to scale back may hurt a bit but it’s aiding me in my spiritual development. Being careful, paying attention to detail and keeping my eyes wide open can actually bring about opportunities and the desired results I’m always whining about lol Lotus flowers have always been a beautiful symbol for me. They manage to thrive in the most dark and disagreeable of environments.