Alchemy 1977 Tarot

I wasn’t surprised when The Devil appeared in the reverse position when it comes to Scorpio. There’s an awakening of the self that leads to healing and transformative energy. Lots of Cups energy here; symbolizing the deep, watery, and emotional makeup of Scorpio and the need to keep things deeply hidden yet purge at the same time.

The 6 of Cups,while linked to the past, (water signs in particular tend to live in the past quite a bit) reminds me of ancestral inheritance. Falling back on destructive past behavior simply doesn’t cut it right now. The 10 of Cups in the reversed position drives this ancestral inheritance theme home. This card, combined with Pluto’s direct station, can trigger anger especially when it comes to family, home, community and how we fit it. These overwhelming feelings are a part of the purging process. See what house Scorpio rules in your chart and this is where we need to work on our issues concerning trust, obsessive behavior and emotional power. Scorpio loves deeply and passionately. I don’t think I’ve ever come across an astrological sign that possesses the penetrating love nature of these folks.