Numerology Guidance Cards & The Archangel Oracle

This New Moon (8 degrees) squares Mars/Pluto and quincunxes Neptune/South Node (Spiritual understanding) in Pisces. There’s a karmic/past life element with the Neptune/South Node conjunction as well, and this ties into the “Karmic Completion” card; heightened sensitivity (Neptune) from previous lives (South Node) and spiritual gifts from past incarnations. This New Moon reminds me of a baby coming through the birth canal; quite frightening, yet liberating.

Pluto’s (“Rebirth” card) square to the New Moon can create issues with power struggles. Are we harnessing our power or giving it away for the sake of peace (Libra)? What seems like conflict can actually push us into transformation/change and bring about positive libra-nm2transitions (“All is well”) Things are not as bad as they seem–or feel. Pluto’s direct station (September 26th) felt like “demons” being released, and that’s Pluto’s job. Emotional and psychological purging can be overwhelming yet necessary.

This New Moon also forms a sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius at 11 degrees giving us a nice adventurous dose of realism. As difficult as some of these energies may feel deep down inside we feel as though we have it all under control.

Hygeia (purification, good health, healing/cures) in the very early degree of Scorpio is more psyche health than physical.(“Health” card) Yet our psychological well-being can impact physical health as well. Sacral issues tied to sexual guilt (pleasure denial) and personal power will be going through an overhaul with Hygeia/Scorpio. Again, these are all Sacral (Chakra) issues that are being triggered, cleared out, and healed. An unbalanced Sacral center in the body can trigger issues surrounding self-worth, low self-esteem, etc. Lilith in Scorpio conjuncts Juno (self-empowerment/marriage to the self) these two goddesses, combined with Mars in Capricorn’s tenacious need to survive and succeed, give us just the support and boost we need (“Victory” card) to overcome all of these “gremlins” that seemed to take over these past two months.