The Mary-El Tarot & The Numerology Guidance Oracle

Happy Solar Return to you Scorpio! Abundance and movement are two key words during your solar return for 2016/2017.

*This reading can also be applied to those with Scorpio rising.

The Chariot/Abundance

Venus/Saturn in your financial sector is forcing you to function with less and this is actually a blessing in disguise. Working hard/long hours may be putting a damper on your love life or making it difficult to spend time with those you love but the payoff is worth it. Getting control of your finances and making some solid adjustments when it comes to your earnings is something you’ll be forced to do. The good news is Jupiter, planet of expansion and abundance (and ruler of the SR 2nd house) makes a positive aspect to Venus. The Chariot card is often a symbol of being disciplined and in control (Saturn). Drive, focus and finishing what you start will lead to some great rewards (Abundance) This is also a travel card and with Mars/Pluto conjunct in the 3rd house of short distance travel there could a few spontaneous trips on the horizon or possibly a move to a new location.

The World [reversed]/Synchronicity sun-in-sorpio1

A new approach may be needed when it comes to business affairs and your career in general. Ruler of the SR career sector (Sun) opposes Uranus in the 6th house of service. The World card in the reversed position could simply be you feeling stagnant and tied down by duties and limitation. Your world may not feel as expansive as it used to be, yet Uranus, the planet of unpredictability can certainly stir things up for you and give you the inspired push you need to take action. There are hidden opportunities tied into all of this hard work you’re putting in. The SR Moon in Leo in your vocation sector trine Venus. Leo Moon is known for it’s pride and ability to shine and shining is what you’ll be doing career-wise if you play your cards right. Don’t let pride prevent you from making things happen. Pay attention to the signs around you (Synchronicity) there are no coincidences; you are quite intuitive Scorpio. Jupiter serves as a guardian angel in the SR 12th house.

7 of Swords/Physical Activity

The 7 of Swords is encouraging you to be quick on your feet and don’t procrastinate. Saturn’s semi-square to the Sun has you desiring a much-needed boost (Physical activity) but don’t over do it! Mars rules your health sector and there could be some burn-out. A direct approach is also needed when it comes to your love life. Facing the facts (7 of Swords) about your partner and your relationship is something you may be forced to do (and this goes for all of your one-on-one relationships) If you want a more solid commitment (Venus, ruler of the 7th conjunct Saturn) then say so. This isnt the time to be evasive (Venus square Neptune) The 7 of Swords is often associated with dodging responsibilites and keeping things to yourself (Mercury in relationship focused Libra in the 12th) This is often a struggle for Scorpio since you tend to be quite private when it comes to your inner life. Yet on the flip-side the 7 of Swords can also be going-it-alone. If a long term relationship has suddenly hit a brick wall you may prefer to fly solo.