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Happy Solar Return to you, Sagittarius! Patience and Creativity are two key words during your solar return for 2016/2017.

*This reading can also be applied to those with Sagittarius rising.

Queen of Pentacles Reversed/Patience

Finances (Pentacles) are being reformed for you in 2016/2017 and we see a similar theme that Scorpio is dealing with: living with less and managing your finances. Capricorn ruling your financial house encourages a maturation process when it comes to assets, values, money. Venus/Pluto conjunct in your financial sector reminds me of a hidden treasure; side projects and income earned from creative endeavors work best for you. This ties into the, Creativity card and Uranus Rx in the creative 5th house. Uranus, planet of extremes and awakening, trines Saturn (patience) in your sign Sagittarius, and while you’re ready to go full steam ahead with a project you’re also being asked to pace yourself. The Queen of Pentacles so close to the “Patience” card is a red-flag of sorts: being overly ambitious can lead to financial losses. Get organized. You may also need to be patient when it comes to a female family member who may be making things difficult for you in terms of money (child support, etc.) Setting up clear boundaries may be a struggle, but needed. Pay off debts and don’t acquire new ones.

10 of Cups/Follow Your Dreamswrgaa4

Mercury in Sagittarius’ sextile Jupiter in Libra in the 11th house of dreams, hopes, wishes, and organizations gives you a much-needed boost when it comes to bringing your dreams to fruition and lord knows Sagittarius has a lot of them! The 10 of Cups combined with the, “Follow your dreams” is the green light you’ve been waiting for. Mercury rules your SR career sector and with its placement so close to your life force/ego (Sun) and Saturn this creative/career unfoldment is integral to your personal development and identity. Your position within a group may be expanded due to your charm, bright ideas, and ability to work well with others, and people are definitely taking notice. Mercury also rules your SR 7th house and your personal life may get a much-needed pick me up. Black Moon Lilith in the 12th may have had you dealing with an adversary who was working behind the scenes due to their own jealousy and this may have put a damper on your social life; or perhaps the “darker” aspects of your psyche feel unsettling. In general Sagittarius tends to be quite friendly and social and this can often leave you vulnerable to individuals who take your kindness for weakness. Mars in Aquarius (3rd house) forms a trine to Jupiter and this reflects the communal aspects of the 10 of cups, a symbol of community affairs. Building strong alliances with like-minded individuals is the way to go.


Your SR Moon in meticulous Virgo right on the Midheaven opposite Neptune in Pisces (4th house) may create a tug-of-war between your outerwolrd and inner world. Chiron, “The Wounded Healer,” sits in the 4th as well triggering some old wounds attached to your home life and childhood. In order for healing to take place these issues often resurface. balancing work and home could create some “weakening” in terms of health and the, “Strength,” card is telling you to calm down a bit and make sure you make time for yourself. Perhaps you’re taking care of a sick family member, dealing with a loved one who has addiction issues, or surrounded by many who are relying on you a little too much. While Sagittarius isn’t known as a particularly sensitive sign, you are quite idealistic (Neptune) and troubles at home (if there are any) may be causing you to have difficulty getting your bearings.Your SR Moon/Neptune aspect may be making you feel more sensitive than usual. Again, we have creative energy as a healing tool and a wonderful outlet for you (“Creativity” card) You have many opportunities for expressing yourself this coming new year, Sagittarius. Take advantage of them.