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Happy Solar Return to you, Leo! Your focus should be on the big picture.

*This reading can also be applied to those with Leo rising.

4 of Cups Reversed/Clear out the old

This has been a somewhat chaotic year for you so far Leo but luckily the worse is far behind you. Uranus on the Midheaven of your solar chart indicates a sudden turn of events that may have impacted your vocation, and the possibility of taking on a new career path (“Clear out the old”) is on the horizon. The Sun entering your sign coincides with the New Moon which feels like a burst of much-needed energy. There’s an awakening taking place giving you a much-needed boost in order for you to make some necessary changes in your life. A sudden turn of events could have you suddenly changing locations due to a work-related opportunity that may literally come out of no where. There is a restlessness that is taking over that cannot be ignored. With the 4 of Cups (reversed) so close to a card associated with starting over you’re tired of feeling sorry for yourself and focusing on the things that may have fallen by the wayside.

5 of Swords/Maintain your childlike spirit WRGAA4B

Unhappiness at work and internal changes may have you feeling disconnected from friends and associates that you were once close with. A friendship may have taken a negative turn this year leaving you feeling disillusioned and betrayed (5 of Swords) by some hurtful words that were said. Venus in social Gemini sits in the 11th house of friends, organizations, and dreams.  Venus’ opposition to Saturn in the 5th may have put a damper on finances leaving very little room to enjoy yourself and explore. Perhaps those you felt you could depend on are too wrapped up in their own mess and you’ve been forced to fend yourself. Luckily Venus forms a lovely aspect to Jupiter in Libra and there could be some new friends/associates that enter your life. You are being taught a major lesson when it comes to your self-worth and the people you call “friend.” Saturn’s trine to Mercury will give you the focus you need to stay on your chosen path. The South Node Rx in Aquarius sits in the 7th house opposite North Node in Leo in the 1st; a schism between creating the life you want for yourself verses being a part of the crowd/collective. Focus on your heart center (Leo rules the heart) as Chiron in Pisces touches both the Leo Sun/Moon in the solar chart. Proper breathing excercises can help with some of the tension you may be feeling in your body.

9 of Cups/The Big Picture

Mercury in Leo trine fiery Uranus in Aries gives you the ability to come up with inventive ideas when it comes to your place in the world. Abundance (9 of Cups) is on the menu with the Part of Fortune also in your sign positioned in your 1st house conjunct Mars. Your career house ruler (Venus) forming a lovely trine to Jupiter is cosmic proof of what you can achieve if you dream big. Focusing too much on past dissapointments (5 of Swords) will block your blessings (9 of Cups) The key is to focus on the big picture, and yourself.