Rose Quartz Magick: Cast Crystal Magic Spells With Just One Stone

This is a lovely little 19 page book I found at a local metaphysical shop here in New York. Rose Quartz (a long with crystal quartz) happens to be one of my favorite crystals so when I found this book I was extremely happy. Astrologically I find some of these spells helpful for those with stressful Venus/Saturn aspects. Love can often feel like a chore, difficult to come by, or simply challenging  for the Venus/Saturn person to open themselves up to. The, “Opening one’s self up to love spell,” is ideal.

All of the spells are simple to follow and don’t require a lot of materials. Rose Quartz is a generally inexpensive stone and her spells allow you to use rose quartz in various forms. Cleansing your quartz prior to spellwork is required in order to rid the stone of any psychic residue and negativity that may linger from previous energy work or the environment in general. Astrologically the heart center is ruled by Leo (ruler of the 5th house) and rose quartz is a stone that ties in perfectly to these energies. All of the spells include brief incantations and I would suggest personalizing these incantations to your specific needs.

The book also includes a brief introduction to the stone, crystal magic in general, and how to prepare your rose quartz for magical use. There are 12 spells total, and again, the spells are easy to follow and ideal for those new to spell casting and crystal magic.

Venus enters Leo on August 26th (12:30 AM EST) and this is the ideal time for beauty/glamour spells and love magic.